Dining Out

Acapulco , 127 E. 6th Street, 277-5000
This Mexican restaurant is a favorite in town and is a fun place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. If you so desire, they will ‘treat’ you to a special shot of tequila, while sporting a huge sombrero!

C & C Cafe , 450 N. Chestnut, 443-3443
- If you are craving a specialty coffee drink, this is your spot! They also serve sandwiches and ice cream! Open M-F 6:30-5, Sat. 7:30 - 2:00 & Sun. 8-1.

Chips Restaurant & Bar, 1499 N. Chestnut Street, 277-5161
The newest eatery in town and closest to Spencer Hill - only 1 mile away! Their menu can be found under the Restaurant section of this book.

Dairy Queen , 1122 N. Chestnut Street, 443-4098
Ice cream anyone? They also make ice cream cakes if you are celebrating something special!

De Leon’s , 111 S. Chestnut Street, 443-1622
Located in the former Zesto’s ice cream shop, this Mexican food is authentic!

Hao’s Garden, 501 N. Broadway, 443-3888
This is my new favorite place to eat in Wahoo. It has been there for years and is consistently very good.

Mocha C’s , 441 N. Linden St., 443-6565
- Great little coffee shop in downtown Wahoo. This is a popular place to have coffee in the morning and to have lunch. I am addicted to their peanut butter rice krispy bars!

Pizza Hut, 140 W. 12th Street, 443-4692
Only 1 mile away, but they also deliver! We love their hand tossed crust!

Ponderosa Saloon & Opera House , 305 Elm Street, Weston (10 minutes west on Hwy. 92), (402) 642-5555
-Charming little hideaway in nearby Weston!  They specialize in wings and have a nice variety of salads!

Red Zone Bar & Grill , 117 Spruce St. in Colon (10 minutes north), 647-2046
- Good bar and grill with a wonderful outdoor patio.

Stockyard Cafe , 636 E. 1st St., 443-5446
- Located right across from the fairgrounds this is a good little breakfast spot!

Wahoo Meat Locker (deli), 157 W. 5th, 443-3104
This is a great place to purchase any meat for grilling. Their Wahoo Wieners are famous! They also have a very nice selection of kitchen accessories.

Wheelhouse Bar & Beer Garden , 114 E. 5th St., 443-1018
A great place to have a sandwich and chat with the locals! They just completed an outdoor covered deck.

Woodcliff Restaurant, 980 County Road W, (402) 721-2922
A local Fremont business person told me this is the best kept secret in Fremont! They get great reviews on YELP for their seafood and steak dinners. It is about a 20 minute drive from Spencer Hill (a few miles north of Hwy. 92, just east of Hwy. 77). They are open for dinner beginning at 5pm.

Burger King, 354 N. Chestnut Street, 443-4434
Runza Drive Inn Restaurant, 141 S. Chestnut Street, 443-3560
Subway, 809 N. Chestnut St., 443-4900
Wahoo Bakery, 544 N. Linden St., 443-3387 Open 7am! Closed Sun. & Mon.
- Donut & kolache lovers need to check this place out! Fresh every day!!!!